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with this, the jack london square location in oakland, the largest. >> those are homemade sausages. >> mike: it's owned and operated by dorothy king jurnigan and her children, four daughters and two sons. business acumen passed generation to generation. >> consistency. that's the key to having a successful business. >> knowing the history and where my grandmother went through to hit this business it just made me work harder and just love it. i love it. >> mike: it's a history that stretches back to a shoeless family in rural alabama, one that moved to oakland in the '50s and one that saw dorothy everett, a single mother of eight, open her first restaurant-- with that sauce-- in 1973. it provided a good living and created a desire for something more. >> my mom said to me "dorothy, they are not going to give a black woman that much money. >> mike: but they did and after a stint at the haas business school at u.c. berkeley, she opened this location, one that includes a music venue and has played host to a string of sports and entertainment celebrities. contacts and connections that are leading
but it is a sensation i have. >> rose: so you grew up in that environment? >> uh-huh. >> rose: and went to oakland college. >> i went to owner land and owner land was my ideal college, i didn't get in on the first try and i got my only four-point to the gpa. >> rose: and went back to owner land. >> and check it out and promptly dropped by gpa by more points than i would like to share here. >> rose: when did you decide this is what i want to do? i want to act, i want to tell stories? >> i always -- i always loved -- i was always very h enamored of acting but didn't think it was a job i would be given. >> if that makes sense. >> rose: because? >> because even as a young girl i didn't think i would cast as the edge knew and not .. st as the obese nanny and there were not -- it is funny and sounds like insane to say this about school plays but there weren't parts and i remember preparing so hard for an audition for alice in wonderland and being cast as a bouncing ball. >> rose: so once you had the time, though, to create things, did you immediately say there has to be a place for me? i will create a
of oakland, california, to write and perform her work, called "change." our video is part of the newshour's "student reporting labs project," which builds high school video journalism programs. it was produced by media enterprise alliance, one of our partner sites in california. >> mmm, mmm, a change is going to come. two scores and ten years ago, our nation segregation swept aside like dirt. simply down a one way street. economic injustice persisted itself. days of peace have been last to ignorance, racism and guilt but america has been built as the dream. attracting different cultures to the scene as a theme for wealth reaching out from the pits of the ghetto. children attending school to be a lawyer some day. only to find out that they're being suppressed by the cost of a higher education that rules our nation. i'm screaming for a change finally. america needed a healthy heart for this drastic transplant to patch up the bumps and bruises and neglect and cruises of infinite failure. because down on my block, it's easier to bite into a bullet than a burger. because ammunition runs stray
.e.oof the advocacy group policy link in oakland. the reverend adam hamilton of the united methodist church of the resurrection in leawood, kansas, and author of "when christians get it wrong." as we saw, he delivered today's sermon at the prayer service. ramesh ponnuru, senior editor at the "national review," columnist for "bloomberg view," and visiting fellow with the american enterprise institute. and trey grayson. he was the republican secretary of state in kentucky, and is now director of the institute of politics at harvard university. welcome to all of you. angela glover blackwell, i think ilstart with you. what did you hear in that speech? what vision was the president putting out this yesterday? >> i heard a leader who is prepared to honestly take the american people into the future, a leader who wants america to return to first principles of equality, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness but tie them to the reality of today. i heard a leader who understands that our today's reality, becoming a nation in which the majority will be people of color very soon, is a nation that has t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)